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Ken Storey gives a weekly overview on current global trends driving the markets, forecasts for specific sectors and updates on the stocks the Lord has prophetically highlighted. He also teaches how to prepare for the coming financial meltdown, openly shares his own investing successes and failures and explains how to apply current prophetic revelation in the stock market. (Live-streaming- Sat 10:15 AM Eastern)

FOR INVESTORS: Stock Watch Lists

These watch lists cover the top companies that we're following in various sectors such as: Oil, Agriculture, Mining, Penny Stocks, Lumber, Medical etc. These are selected because they have strong technical indicators, have potential for growth and often have a specific prophetic confirmation.

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Exclusively for our members, these reports provide an in-depth look at key industries, related prophetic words, and promising companiesas well as how to invest in them.


FOR BEGINNERS: Basics of Investing (16 Lessons) 

Learn the practical steps of investing in a monthly online class from our Kingdom Wealth Internship. Classes cover topics from the basic "how-to's" of investing, biblical investing principles, managing your portfolio, analysis, options, trading, commodities, forex, etc.

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Daily Insight Trading Forecast FOR TRADERS - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

This system is currently averaging 50%+ APR. Get daily forecasts the night before for your trades the next day. This system is designed to make money whether the markets go up or down.

Update: As the ITF model does not perform as well in market conditions of high daily volatility, we have decided to suspend it until further notice.


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